Balancing Tax Compliance with Innovation under New Broker Reporting Regulations

The realm of cryptocurrency taxation is witnessing a significant shift with the introduction of new broker reporting regulations under IRC §6050I. While these regulations aim to enhance tax compliance and curb illicit activities, they bring forth a complex interplay between the need for regulatory oversight and the preservation of innovation in the U.S. cryptocurrency sector. […]

New IRS Regulations Propose Expanded Cryptocurrency Reporting Requirements

The IRS has proposed new regulations that would impose far-reaching reporting requirements on brokers of digital assets like cryptocurrency. The proposed rules aim to increase visibility into crypto transactions for tax compliance purposes. If finalized as proposed, the regulations would take effect starting in 2025. This post summarizes some of the key changes. Expanded Definition […]

Understanding IRS Guidelines on Charitable Contributions of Cryptocurrency 

Recently, the cryptocurrency space has grown exponentially, with digital assets becoming a significant part of the financial landscape. As this new financial realm continues to evolve, so does the need for clear tax guidance on various aspects of cryptocurrency transactions. One area of interest to many cryptocurrency holders is charitable contributions made using digital assets. […]